Take part in a survey of the satisfaction of visitors to Pardubice and win great prizes!

1st place: 2-day stay in a hotel with half board for two in Pardubice

2nd place: free tickets for 3 events of the "Pardubice tahouni" program of your choice (for two persons)

3rd place: Free tickets for 2 events of the "Pardubice tahouni" program of your choice (for two persons)

4th place: Wooden box with six bottles of wine with a pedigree

5th Place: free ticket - Grand Festival of Laughter 2020 (for two persons)

6th place: free ticket - Pardubice Music Spring 2020 (for two persons)

7th place: gift certificate for entrance into the VIP tent - Sports Park Pardubice 2020 (for two persons)

8th place: voucher - entry fee for one person to the Gladiator Race in Sports Park 2020

9th place: voucher – entry fee for one person to the “Barvám neutečeš” race in Sports Park 2020

10th place: voucher - 2 decks of playing cards and a Sports Park Pardubice 2020 T-shirt

11th - 20th place: refreshment voucher for the Pardubice Summer Cinema + prize award


The draw will take place on November 20, 2019, and the prizes will be handed over to the winners in December 2019.

1) Answers as a

2) What age category are you/who did you come with?

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3) What is the duration of your stay in the region?

4) The primary reason for my visit was:

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5) You live or are staying at:

6) You arrived in the Pardubice region

7) You arrived in the Pardubice region

8) If you do not live here. You arrived in the area from the region of:

9) Have you visited other places in the Pardubice region during your stay?

10) Have you ever visited Pardubice or the region before?

Please, only answer if you do not live here.

11) Where did you obtain information about the destination of your visit?

12) How much money have you spent / are you planning to spend during your stay in the Pardubice region? (CZK/day)

13) Do you plan on returning to the Pardubice region?

14) How likely is it that you would recommend visiting the Pardubice region to your friends?

15) What caught your interest in the city and the surrounding areas? What did you like?

16) In your opinion, what does the region miss the most to make visitors feel good and return?

17) Where did you have the possibility to answer this questionnaire?

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