RETROMĚSTEČKO (nejen) ČSLA, setkání HASIČŮ a bezpečnostních složek.


7. 9. - 8. 9. 2024

Wonderful weekend full of traditions and fun, with the development of industry, specializations, and national security.

This is a passive and active meeting of associations, museums and individuals in the field of historical, veteran, military, and military security technology. Dynamic demonstrations will be a part of the event. There will be program participation in components of the state's integrated rescue system and volunteer fire brigades. There will be visitor focus on families with children and the general public, including disabled access. The active part of the programme will include participation of different foundations and also support of charities. The project highlights achievements in the fields of production and humanities. The project also outlines the values of the state's traditions and its security. It combines individual program blocks in a contrast between the past and the present. It emphasizes children's activities, local competitions connected with a central whole-area activity, and the family “Superbojovka” which is a bonus program of the event with the chance to win prizes of various experiences across the Czech Republic.