9. 9. - 10. 9. 2023

The largest gathering of horses and people in the home of the famous Velká Pardubická,  this is the international exhibition “Horses in Action”. In its extent and scope, the gathering of horses and people offered by the “Horses in Action” exhibition is unique and record-breaking in the Czech Republic.

Each year, the international exhibition “Horses in Action” has a different theme,  in 2020, the 22st year of the exhibition will take place. 

Visitors to the exhibition, of whom there have been thousands in the past few years, will have the opportunity to learn about working with horses in the true sense. There will be exhibitions on the race track, in the paddock, the stables and the rings. There will be horses of all breeds presented at the parades, sports competitions, diverse demonstrations of the art of horse riding and during the rich accompanying program. The visitors will be able to see horses of all sizes, from minihorses to coldbloods, who compete every year in ploughing, load pulling or handling, i.e. during a simulation of wood removal in forests. 

The international exhibition “Horses in Action” is always preceded by the “Horses on the Square” program. This program consists of a parade of horses and carriages making their way through the city to the Pernštýnské Square, where the audience is presented with a demonstration of the exhibition’s program.