26. 6. - 31. 8. 2020

More than 14 years ago, in the beginnings of its existence, the Pardubice summer cinema Pernštejn set out to be different from many similar open-air cinemas in the Czech Republic. Its organizers prioritised dramaturgy and not taking the path of just playing notoriously popular titles, included in the program without any context. They decided to offer the viewers much more – a guide to the events in the world of cinematography, to help the viewers create a complete idea of the history and development of film, and to peek under the hood of its preparation and production. This is why the organizers of the Pernštejn summer cinema prepare a conceptually comprehensive program for the viewers each year, which contains the hottest new movies from domestic and international cinematography, award-winning documentaries and art titles. The viewers get a comprehensive picture of the development of film in the horizon of several years, and the Pardubice summer cinema thus becomes an annual holiday film school that is also educational. To help viewers navigate through the offer, all of the shown movies are grouped into special series (movies for families with children, sci-fi and fantasy lovers, fans of documentaries, etc.). The organisers of the Pernštejn summer cinema collaborate with strong production companies (HBO), who supply Pardubice with the best of their current production, and who also invite you to premieres of interesting titles of their creators, who you may meet in person at discussion panels and learn about how the individual movies were created and what was most difficult in their production. Many filmmakers have grown fond of the Pernštejn summer cinema thanks to the immediate contact with the audience, as can be seen in the list of the most famous filmmakers visiting Pardubice, some of them repeatedly: directors Juraj Herz, Jan Hřebejk, Fero Fenič, Filip Renč, Zdeněk Troška, Irena Pavlásková, Olga Špátová, Miloslav Šmídmajer, Zdeněk Zelenka, or the Czech-American screenwriter and writer Jan Chicago Novák.

Another significant difference that sets the Pardubice summer cinema apart from other open-air cinemas is that all screenings (including premieres with filmmaker delegations) are free. The fact that the cinema is available to all social groups of the population across the entire age spectrum makes it an Easter Bohemian Czech cultural phenomenon.